Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hair Raising Thoughts

After a long gap once again I am here in my blog with something that has been tickling my brains for the last few months.

I drive daily to my work place and I prefer listening to the FM Radio channels than playing regular music CDs. Reason is very simple- here in FM Channels someone is always speaking to you in a very artificial voice. You can feel the sound grains of the RJ’s throat or even the heaving of the female RJ’s bosom. I call it ‘lisping unlimited’.

Advertisements of all kinds, information on weather and road conditions, bits of news, preaching on social awareness and to pep all these up, some music from the latest Bollwood flicks. Unlike Television, FM Channels have a lot of advertisements of local business establishments; right from vegetable shops to beauty parlors.

One ad caught my imagination by force. Two females are talking.

“Look, that’s coming again.”

“My God, I can’t wear sleeveless. I have to put up with the full sleeves. I hate it.”

A male voice chips in. “Don’t worry. Come to XY Parlor, where you have a FREE hairless skin design. Test and enjoy it.”

I realized the ‘horror’ that ‘coming’ was hairs (in armpits).

Hair removing is a ‘hair-raising’ experience for most of the young women (for oldies too these days, it seems). Ads are abundant in magazines and televisions that emphasis the need for a ‘hair free’ skin/body.

But ‘Free Hairless Skin Design’ is a new formulation. Euphemism for the same old painful plucking, waxing, shaving and erasure of the never say die dead cells of the human body.

To be dubbed beautiful, is it necessary to remove all those hairs? Who tells you that you should not have hairs in your visible and invisible parts (in public)? Individual fantasies regarding hairs in personal relationships are abundant. It varies from person to person.

The other day I was reading ‘Vagina Monologues’. One of the women tells that her husband wants always her vagina to be shaved. For her it is a painful experience. All those cuts and rashes. The vengeful return of dead cells and their conspiracy with panties. You make your life miserable.

Hair is political and hair removal is ideological. While the former revels and rebels in/with its existence, the latter cleans up the desire machines of ideologies.

Will you be put off by seeing the hairy shanks of a girl? If you, then why shouldn’t she turn cold when she sees your gorilla like chest?
It is the time for a hairy world. Add Hair to FAT FREE and FEMINIST.

Some people say, it is necessary to remove hair to keep the body clean. What about all those toiletries?

Hair is a surprise. The light seeps in through the window and it falls on her cheeks. You find golden hairs shining there and what a beautiful sight it is!

You look at her hands with small hairs holding a bead of invisible sweat on a sultry summer day. It is magical.

You see her in sleeveless clothes with a fair share of hair in her arm pits. You should be happy if you are an aesthete.

Again, you accuse me of talking about my own male fantasies. But then aren’t you going through all those pains of waxing, shaving, plucking etc to satisfy my male fantasy?

Wear your hair with √©lan. That should be the latest rebel statement (so that the fashion moguls could design clothes to emphasis hair in human body). What’s the point in shaving off all you have and fitting them up with all those feathers and frills?

I don’t know whether I make sense or not. But I like hair especially when she says, “I like it in this way.”

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Agent M said...

Hmmm... Well I would disagree on a few points...

'But then aren’t you going through all those pains of waxing, shaving, plucking etc to satisfy my male fantasy?'

Really? Maybe its just that girls DON'T want hair on their body. Its not to please males. Just so that THEY look good to THEMSELVES. Not to anyone else.

But I do agree when you say that 'hair' is political.

Many (not all, I don't know but maybe most) girls today might go in for hair removal because the society they exist in has brought on this notion of body hair being inversely proportional to beauty.