Sunday, January 31, 2010

Three ways of Expressing Love through Letters

Early 1990s.


How much I miss you! Since you left me yesterday evening, I have this feeling that some thing bad is going to happen. But I am trying to ward off all the negative feelings from my mind. I am sure that one day you will be mine. I am trying my level best to keep all the promises to you. I have applied for that job, which was in the Employment News last week. Also, my type writing higher pass in first class would help me to bag that job. Otherwise also don’t worry my friend in Bombay has assured me a job there. Next Saturday I am appearing for that bank test. I am not sure about it as I am not good at mathematics.

But I cherish this hope that one day I will be able to make you my bride. I will love you forever and ever. You asked me yesterday what would happen if your parents force you to marry someone else. Then I will die. I will die, for sure. Don’t cry. Why don’t we elope one day? I have many plans. Most of them look impractical at this moment. But God will help us. How can God desert people like us? God is all for love. I love you.

Oh my god, I could not sleep yesterday night. I touched your fingers accidently at the bus stop. That feeling is still with me. People where looking at me, when I was just following you and entering the same bus. Some of the guys were passing comments. But I don’t care. Some of those girls in your gang also know about our affair, I think.

I am afraid that yesterday, your mother saw me getting down from the bus and following you till you entered the gate of your house. Did she ask anything after that? Hope nothing has gone wrong at home. I cannot even think that you are put into pain because your love for me. I will kill even your parents, if they torture you in my name. I love you. Look I am crying.

It is almost mid night. My brother is sleeping in the bed. He does not know anything about it. But I am planning to make him a co-conspirator in this affair. If any help is needed that should come from him. Things would be much easier if someone is there in the family itself to negotiate things once we elope.

Don’t panic. I am not planning to elope so soon.

The days and nights look so beautiful as you are there in my life. I want to kiss you right now. Oh sorry sorry sorry. Everything will be after marriage only.

See you tomorrow at four thirty at the bus stop. I will be there.

I love you x 10000000…

Forever yours


First few years of the New Millenum, over emails

Dear XXXX,

How’s things. I forgot to tell you yesterday about the book that I am reading these days. ‘Civilization and Madness’. Great work by Michel Foucault. Ashis Nandy seems to take off from Foucault.

By the way, did you manage to convince your mom? Would she allow you to stay out on 15th?

I am ready. Attended the seminar on Sexuality. Quite boring. Why these people make simple things so complex? Better practice. Right? 

Hey, I am not crossing the limits.

What are you reading these days? I hate you carrying that Sydney Sheldon. It’s not cool. Try to read some Lynda Nochlin.

You looked great in that Capri and spaghetti last week. It makes you look very sexy.

By the way, how is your dissertation going? Is your guide still flirting with you? I will kill him. Better you warn him.



Now on SMS

Hi, wanna meet. Barrista @ 2? Ok. X


ajith said...

:)good n enjoyed d metamorphosis.. d new era machine like wings ; of love n expressions !! nice../ regards..

usha ramachandran said...

That was 'cool'.Liked the SMS especially for it shows up the latest generation of 'lovers' berift of time to indulge in any delicate or sofisticated 'art'.:(.