Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Artists from Fine Arts College, Thrissur

(Thrissur Fine Arts College. Pic by Mathai Tom)

(Abul Hisham)

(Basil Baby)

(Dibin Tilakan)

(Midhun Gopi)

(Mohan Padre)

(Nimya U)

(Prince M)

(Sanal CS)

(Sanoop PC)

(Sinoj PB)

(Midhun KG)

(Sree Syam)

(suman Muraleedharan)

They call it 36 Degree C. ‘They’ means the students of the Fine Arts College, Thrissur. It is their annual show. And they are very proud to have this show because this show also contributes to the centenary celebrations of this college.

One Hundred years. You feel like adding ‘of solitude’. Yes, those people who are familiar with the art scene in Kerala must have heard of Trivandrum Fine Arts College. It had all the glory, perhaps it still has, but not in the way it used to have it.

There are three more fine arts colleges in Kerala; Mavelikkara, Thrippoonithura and Thrissur.

People take things for granted. If you are a fine art student from Kerala, seeking admission for higher studies elsewhere, others assume that you are from Trivandrum. And you also prefer not to talk about your ‘college/s’ because they are not as famous as Trivandrum Fine Arts College.

Hence, one hundred years of solitude. Today things have changed. Students from Thrippoonithura, Mavelikkara and Thrissur are making their presence felt elsewhere. Perhaps, Thrissur has become the most prominent fine arts college in Kerala.

There are several names attached to Thrissur college: T.V.Santhosh, Murali Cheeroth, Jyothi Basu, Riyas Komu, Reji Arakkal, Sujith SN, Sujith KS and the list is quite long.

The celebrations were modest. However, the presence of artists like Atul Dodiya, Riyas Komu, Jyothi Basu, Binoy Gopal (graphic designer), Bose Krishnamachari and several other artists and art critics added special relevance to the celebrations. There were illustrated lectures by the above mentioned artists and open discussions with the guest artists and specialists.

Thrissur College (located seventy kilometers north from Kochi) is a degree college with three departments; painting, sculpture and applied art. One good thing about this college is that the teachers are self-less in their attitude and approach. They may not be illustrious artists as their disciples later turned out to be. But they teach well.

The annual show of 2010 proves it. The confidence in their approach to their respective mediums shows how they have been taught.

One good thing about them is that they are not simply ‘gallery ready’. They want to become successful, at the same time they have their reservations and their interest to learn more. They just don’t make their works thinking that there is a gallerist round the corner to be impressed.

They are professional enough to produce a good catalogue and convert their class rooms into galleries, with the full support of the teaching staff. A rare and a commendable feat.

I was lucky to be there with my artists friends namely Antony Karal, Manoj, Sajeev Visweswaran, Mathai Tom, Reji Arakkal and K.S.Sujith.

The names to be watched out: Abul Hisham KH, Basil Baby, Dibin Tilakan, Midhun Gopi, Mohan Padre, Nimya U, Prince M, Sanal CS, Sanoop PC, Sinoj PB, Sreejin CS, Usman P, Vysakhan TM (all painting graduates) and Mithun KG, Sreesyam R.Krishnan and Suman Muraleedharan (sculpture graduates)

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