Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Evolution of Revolution

You know why I hate revolutionaries?

Asked my friend, while sipping

A dollar worth coffee

Inside an air-cooled café.

Dumb that I am, watching at the

Silent charade of the quotidian

Out there in the street,

I said, ‘No, I don’t know.’

“They wear revolutionary bathroom slippers,

They wear revolutionary souls

They flaunt revolutionary arm pits

They vibrate revolutionary epiglottis

They show off revolutionary tattoos

And they swear by revolution.

When it gets hotter, they leave

The poor revolution back in the streets

And book cheap tickets to cooler climes.

That’s why I believe the real revolution

Would happen inside those stuffy vehicles

That ferry sleepy morons between

Call centers and their masturbating hideouts.

They will one day rise against the machines that

Throw hollow commands at them.

Together, they will shoot down these

Pacifist asses, who fornicate in

Hopeless hostels and soulless homes,

In the name of revolution,” he fumed.

‘Who funds this coffee?’ I asked

“My dad who runs a call center.”

While walking back to my nothingness,

Revolution pulled at my trousers

And begged for a coin.

(Iqbal MK, a Kochi based photographer clicked a picture of Che bathroom slippers on display at shop window in Kerala. This piece of writing is inspired by this picture)