Saturday, August 6, 2011

She has Good Hands: To Savi Sawarkar

She came inside.

She showed me her sketchbook.

She has good hands, I thought.

I told her so.

She looked at me with wide open eyes.

And I should say, with partly parted lips.

I smiled inside and I knew she had mistaken me.

I again said, you have good hands.

Polish it further.

Her fingers touched mine.

No, said I. Go to the world, it is so big out there.

But you have good hands.

They were waiting to waylay me.

They wanted a reason.

They asked her what I told her

During and after the class.

She touched her own hands

And said, he says I have good hands.

Will you stand by your statement, they asked.

She said yes.

So they went to the Police

And the Police came to me.

They arrested me for molesting the girl.

Behind the bars I asked myself,

What did I do with her?

When law descended upon me,

I just thought,

How good her lines were!