Thursday, November 15, 2012

From Where

When a rain filters through my fingers
I do not get agitated for a lost rain
Because I know that I have an ocean in me
And the rains are bound to come back to me
As rivers, streams, floods, winds, clouds
And as the eternal sunshine of memories.

When a star dies out and leaves a bright hole
In my sky of remembrance, I do not fret
Because I know that I have thousand suns
Shining bright in the firmament of my mind
As words, dreams, pains, laughter and smiles
And as the never ending flow of meanings.

In the valley of bygone days no longer
Could I see butterflies fluttering around,
They have gone to the peaks of the present
Where thoughts and actions join sound
Future beckons like the moon light
Starving itself to brighten up round.

A fire still burns in my heart, in my soul
And in my body that flames up like forest
In spring leaving not even a blade of grass
Devoid of flowers and fragrance
And from this unquenchable fire
I breath the air of fiery imaginations.

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