Sunday, March 24, 2013

Leave Him, He is a Poet, not a Terrorist

(For Durga and Gaman)

You found an orchard for me
And brought sheep to graze in laze
They gaze in wonder who size
Dreams in words.
Amongst the woods you sang
The disembodied songs of separation
Which I translated into
Rainbows and tears.
They say one should not make
Words that pierce into the hearts
And brains of people for the fear
Of them turning the land red and white.
They say one should not sing songs
Of woes borne by them since eons
For each song might sire
Thousands like them.
They say words are bullets, swords
And they could slit the throats of power
But in fact they are just distant bleating of a pack
And a lonely lover’s sobs.
I was caught by Them, the powers that are
And was convicted for my words
I gave them a garland of brains
Seared by the goddess who begot me and my dreams.
That’s why the judge finally said:
Leave him, he is just a poet not a terrorist.


Archana Sonti said...

is the picture related to the poem...

JohnyML said...

apparently no connection. but my blogs are secret messages to the readers. some may find it.