Tuesday, April 16, 2013

False Gods Must Die

(Moses by Michelangelo)

Which God do you want to please
Dear creator when the tools of creation
Are in your hands?
You have created a world so large
Beautiful with spirits and elements
Still are you seeking another god
To come and make a judgment of it
What a pity, I would rather prefer
A devil who would funnily itch all over
To shake away the soot of hell from its wings
A devil who will deliver confusing notes
Only that a sensible god could discern
None sits up there to judge
And none is capable of any judgment
Because when it comes to your creations
You are the one who makes and takes rest after that
You created word, voice and colors
You painted this and that with dreams and rainbows
Then why call one who is a nobody
Whose arrogance has paid him the wages of hell
The one who condemned to burn in fire forever
If he could judge then I will finish this world
With the ease and patience of a child
Who erases a wrong line from his notebook
Lesser gods are for lesser mortals
Angels deal with the ultimate one
Let him be cured by his ignorance
And let arrogance sprout as warts from his heart
Let fire and brimstone fill in his innards
And let him moan his life for eons
Grave is suitable rest for him and maggots for company
I kill false gods and bury them in the graves of oblivion.

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