Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Horoscope of Indian Contemporary Artists for the year 2016 by JohnyML

Many people believe in horoscopes and many don’t. There are so many people in the art scene who start their day looking at the horoscope columns in the newspapers. There are people who get daily alerts on horoscope by email or by special apps. Horoscope generally helps people to feel good. From my experience I could say that each prediction for the day, week, month and year is a mixed bag, beating it hot and cold so that those who read it will always come out with some amount of optimism and happiness. I have an artist friend who picks the best one out of the twelve stars and believes it as his for the day. Horoscopes are custom made and are meant to keep the people in good mood. The best way to understand this would be reading the horoscope columns in the in-flight magazines; there the people born to each star are supposed to travel different fancy locations, especially to the destinations where the company has service operations. Knowing this, one need not take horoscopes too seriously but even at some level one feels good at a good premonition and feels horrified at the suggestion of an impending accident. My horoscope of 2016 for Indian contemporary artists therefore is jovial in nature and could be easily discarded after feeling good about the good things that are going to happen in your life.

Aries (March 21-April 20): Born to this star an artist has to be ‘emotional and aggressive’. In the current scenario of Indian contemporary art being emotional will not help but being strategic could be one possible way out but unfortunately the Arians are not strategic. Aggression also is not going to help as both aggressive working and aggressive marketing may not find enough takers. One should practice self-restrain throughout the year and beyond till your contributions are recognized. Artists can direct their emotional and aggressive fervor towards sincere working patterns within the studios or wherever they are and focus should be on creating a body of works for the posterity to assess. Those artists who get married in this year would definitely change tracks and become professionals in the related fields. Women artists show their prowess in setting up good homes alone or in the company of their spouses. Gallerists born to this sign may think about launching new projects but chicken out in the last moment. Curators and critics will do well in 2016. Love life seems to be exciting for most of the Arians as there will be ample amount of time to focus on romantic matters for diverting mind from adverse situations. Buyers and collectors could refurbish their collections by acquiring a lot of works in dirt cheap price. 

Taurus (April 21-May 20): Born under this sign, the artists are sensuous people with an eye for beauty. As they are reliable there are a lot of chances for them either to become highly sought after independent artists or good assistants for already established artists. Hard bargainers, these artists are going to make good money in the market as they are very particular about their finances. The problem with these artists seems to be their disinterestedness in reinvesting money back into their art. Hence, their works will remain moderate in scale. Most of the artists born under this zodiac sign are generous and family bound. This may result into selfishness if you don’t set up enough check points to your generosity and family orientation. Critics may find themselves in spot as their generosity could lead them into writing about the wrong works of art in the right way. Medium level gallerists under this zodiac sign will make a lot of money in this year. Love life seems to be limited within the family boundaries. Buyers and collectors may not buy enough works this year. Health is good.

Gemini (May 21-June 21): Most of the artists who are born under this zodiac sign are very adjustable and liberal. This adjustability and liberal nature would make them less exciting artists but they could improve their chances of being very charming people by turning the very same qualities into virtue. They could adjust their prices and also liberal with the art critics, curators and gallerists. As they are very versatile people, most of them would be doing installation and conceptual art in the coming year and ending up making no money. As they are enthusiastic, they would jump into discussions about things that they really do not have a real grip on and there will be clear symptoms of projecting themselves as budding intellectual artists. Love life is going to be really trying as these artists have the tendencies to put off the spouses by reading out from theory books in the middle of the night. Health remains satisfactory as restlessness would help them to be active throughout the year. Critics may not make much progress. Buyers will show the signs of buying but will not buy at all. Gallerists may not do any show this year but will have talk shows in their galleries.

Cancer (June 22- July 22): Cancerians are going to have a very tough time in this year as they are fickle in nature but they are going to be really productive. There will be a lot of changes in the mediums and the artists are going to try from oil on canvases to installations, from digital photography to performance art. They keep strong resentment for the critics and their anger cannot be contained. This will be a negative point in 2016 because they are going to be neglected by the critics and gallerists. But they need not lose hope;  they are good workers and good team members. They could get chance to work as volunteers in bigger projects like Kochi-Muziris Biennale and so on. The curators benefit in this year because there are so many projects coming up and all of them need interns. Critics will find it difficult to figure out whether they should side conventional art or cutting edge art. Gallerists will remain mostly in the angry mode. Buyers will show resentment towards those who buy art. 

Leo (July 23-August 23): Born under Leo, the artists are generally schemers and doers. Driven by ego if they get into the making of anything, they will stop only after finishing it. Determined to the core these artists do not think much about the consequences of their doings even if those would scar them permanently. 2016 seems to be a good year for the Leo artists for they could get a lot of chance to work on different projects in different places. Critical acclamation would come to them but often the benefit will be reaped by others. Leo’s could harm other artists also as they have this snatching quality. But they do care about the people who stick to them and at the same time they could just change their colors depending on the situations. Leo artists are going to make some money through fair and unfair means this year. Love life is aspirational and dreamy. Health may give trouble at times. Month of December seems to be crucial for the Leo born artists. Some artists might stop doing art completely and turn to managing art. Critics will not know what to do this year. Gallerists will wander like lost souls. Buyers will visit a lot of art fairs.

Virgo (August 24-September 23): Virgo artists are going to be stable in their art even if they are not going to make much money out of it. But as their primary concern is not money but relationships they remain happy with their families and gallery relationships. Even if galleries reject them outright they will show their loyalty intact. They will show symptoms of being intellectual but throughout the year they will be confused about their future. Do not worry as you are not worried about money or fame and have a lot of patience your confusion is going to pay for you eventually. Love life is stable and as cold as usual. Critics also will remain confused and will attend many writing workshops instead of spending time in real writing. To make themselves feel good they will hit the social media with photographs of themselves sitting at their computer and ‘writing’. Gallerists, like the artists also will remain intellectual and confused alike. Buyers will go out with a lot of clarity and come back in confusion after seeing works or exhibitions.

Libra (September 24-October 23): Librans are called ‘cold Librans’ because they are so balanced that even a balance will fail before their balance. They are good hosts and hostesses so most of the artists born under this star are going to spend more time in shopping and in kitchen. That means they are going to throw parties; which means a lot of success in the market. They are friendly people and they can keep people in good mood. Hence their success is going to be depended on how charming they are to the gallerists and to the curators and buyers. It does not mean anything; charming means they could charm with their personal behavior more than with their works. As they are balanced people they have this tremendous patience to work on something consistently. They may not be prolific but will get noticed for the limited number of works that they have done. This is year looks like dull for the love smitten people because even if you are charming the winner of that hand will be one of them in your audience. You walk back to your home alone. Health will be okay and lot of exercise by hand is seen in chart. Critics should keep a distance as their forearms are going to be strong. Gallerists also will remain balanced between conventional and cutting edge. Buyers will keep checking their bank balance before they set out to see a show.

Scorpio (October 24-November 22): Medium says that Scorpio born artists are vindictive, jealous, moody and sadistic. They just cannot get along with Aries and Gemini. Hence, artists of this Zodiac sign should be vary of gallerists born to the abovementioned stars in the coming year. Though it sounds a bit negative, the characters of the Scorpio born are good for being an artist. Moodiness would give them enough time to think about the coming days and jealousy would keep them always in competition. But the problem is that their ability to feel happiness is all dependent on other people. Their sadistic nature is legendary so they can become good performance artists in 2016. Critics of this sign will find it difficult to make a presence for their moodiness and vindictiveness. They will turn masochists in their private journals. Gallerists of this sign are going to torture more and more young artists this year. Buyers and collectors show this trait by pushing a lot of works in the secondary market thereby destroying market for several artists. Love life seems to remain moody and cloudy. Health depends on your dietary plans. 

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21): There is good news for all forty plus self taught abstract artists who are born in this sign. Their spirituality or their belief that they are spiritual is going to help them in making a lot of abstract art that would be doled out for dirt cheap prices in highly paid stalls in the second rung art fairs. Artists born to this sign are very sincere and passionate about their art so that they often tend to listen keenly the words of the critic, respect it and toss it aside the moment the critic moves away from the vicinity. They pursue their will to make the kind of art they believe in therefore this year also would look the same for them. Most of the artists born to this sign would travel all over the country or all over the world on others’ money. Love life seems to be exotic than exciting. Health remains steady on tablets. Critics born under this sign should take care of their comments made on artists this year. Their spiritually inclined comments may not go well with aggressive artists. Gallerists will visit and spend time in international seminar venues and spiritual retreats with not much results. Buyers will look for figures in abstract art.

Capricorn (December 22- January 21): Capricorn is a Goat sign and they have this tendency to be perched on safe places with some amount of stubbornness. Artists born under this sign would refuse to change their style this year. Even if applying minor changes in their works and attitude could bring wonders for them, they being pessimistic about their future would remain wherever they are. That does not mean that these artists do not have any hope in 2016. Their very stubbornness will help them to make some serious art. Photographers born under this sign will come up with very interesting photographs of the Indian poor.  Most of the artists will remain shy and depend heavily on social media than approaching real galleries or critics. Art critics of this sign will be saying the same thing again and again for any kind of art shows or artists. Some of the art critics are even prone to some forgery of their own writings. They will simply change the names of the artist and give the same article for publishing in different magazines or catalogues. They will not be caught in the act as none reads art criticism. Gallerists would stick to their promotion of bad art in 2016. Buyers will look for gloomy art from contemporary artists and indulge in bulk buying. Love life seems to be more virtual and the spouses are prone to check their social media while in love positions. Health is satisfactory. 

Aquarius (January 22-February 19): Artists born under this sign are very peaceful and peace loving kind and they could be seen in the steps of Mandi House or Jehangir art gallery or places like that. They are sort of recluse though they have a lot of friends. Most of the artists are going to be public figures for the right or wrong reasons. They could engage with the like-minded people, that means, they could even keep complaining with a group of complaining artists. As they have an intellectual bend they prefer to hang out in places where artistic discourses take place over several cups of tea or coffee often paid by others. These artists are going to make a lot of words in air and a lot of works of art in mind. 2016 seems to be a very exciting year for them as it is going to be less expensive because of their abstinence from doing works of art. They want to spend more time in the mental realm. They will find their spouses from the same tribe and many divorces are also in the offing. Travel is on card mainly because they want to attend more and more debates. Critics will remain in their small towns waiting for the right opportunity sometime in 2020. Gallerists also will behave like intellectuals and ideate more than doing actual shows. Buyers also will do the same. The financial condition of everyone involved seems to be very stable in this year as every luxury is going to happen in the mental plane. Love life will be largely intellectual and health is notional and debatable. 

Pisces (February 20-March 20): Those artists who are born in this water sign are natural water colorists and they are going to find a lot of patrons in this year as lot of the people who can afford to buy a work of art prefer to keep something beautiful as conceptual art is turning more and more revolting these days. There is always a confusion with the artists who are born in this sign regarding their cusp status. Some of them believe that they are Arians happened to be in Pisces side and some believe that they are Aquarius tossed into this side. Anyway this confusion makes them very pleasing characters to both the sides and they become pleasant artists. Medium says that they are supposed to make good bartenders as they socialize well and no need to worry, sometimes doing art itself is a sort of bartending, serve the right thing in right measurement as per the demand, show some gimmick, keep a smile and later wipe the table clean with a smirk on the face. Artists are going to make a lot of money this year if not by doing art but doing some other work. Critics may turn abusive in their personal lives and appear very saintly in their writings. Gallerists, fearing their money will flow away in the running water, keep sitting at the shore wondering when to make the plunge. Buyers will swim like fish and enjoy buying. Love life is fishy. Health is fluctuating depending on lunar movement.