Thursday, March 31, 2016


In the street
Summer stands
With the crowd
To see the game
In television.

A day that has
Forgotten to set
Is caught out
By the vigorous night

To the stables
Abandoned by cows
Wagging tails and
Ringing bells
There goes a
Dust storm.

A little rain has
Just hidden itself
In a dark alley
Under the awnings
Eyes stand waiting
For the rain to stop.

A ring of smoke has
Just come out for something
Soon forgetting for what
It has come out; strange

Shaken by the thunder
Stars fall down all over
A lone girl collects all
And walks home shining

Naked bodies return
Holding handbags
And mobile phones
Knowing nothing

The game goes on
Both the god and crowd
Pray alike, oh Lord,

The current should not go. 

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