Thursday, July 28, 2016

Think of that Five Rupee Gain

(picture for illustration purpose only)

“What all could be bought”, I think
“In fifteen rupees?”

Maximum a quarter of lady fingers
Or one kilo rice or potato
But I can’t feed a family
With a quarter of lady fingers or potato.

They say I could get mobile recharge coupon
For ten rupees, but I do not have a mobile.
They also say I could buy fifty grams of peanuts for ten.
But what would I get for rupees five?
“Will give you a banana,” someone says.

We, myself and my wife went to the shop
To buy some poison to end it all.
But a packet of poison they sell for twenty.
None gives poison on credit.

In the next shop they have
Rice, wheat, kerosene and all what we want
But we owe the owner fifteen rupees
Lucky we are, he hacked us to death
With each measured cut.

What if we are dead?
Think of that five rupees gain.


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