Tuesday, February 15, 2011


(Photo- Robert Mapplethrope)

Fail not our feast
Forget not to do things till seven o’ clock
Let God be with you
And me till then.

They are butchering
Our brothers everywhere
They have palaces to hide
Ports and faces too.

Fail not our feast
Tonight, before
Forests, poems and dreams
Wake up
We need to avenge
The innocent blood.

But promise me
That even if you don’t turn up
You won’t scare me
With ghostly appearances
That you don’t occupy
The throne that I deem mine.

(Translated from Malayalam by myself)


Somu Desai said...

thanks Johny. this were nice lines

layered said...

it's very stirring.
Is the original wrtten by you? When did you write it?


Fingertree said...

Lyrical even in English...
The photo of course can tie up but somehow does not speak to this poem...for me, at least...