Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chance Encounters

I think about those people
Who had gone through me,
Whom I see everyday
And also about those people
Who are yet to happen in my life.

Some faces abandoned by people
Still hang on the walls of my mind
With a smile that was shared
At the last moment of parting
Like the meaningless pictures
Framed and hung by old memories.

Quite unexpectedly some people
Walk in to the spaces your existence,
They call out your name from
The crowding metro platforms
Some people come out from amongst
The mannequins displayed in a shopping mall
And renew the friendship with plastic handshakes.

One person coming along a lonely path
Avoids your eyes and looks straight into the horizon
As if he has never seen you in this life
While you stand like an elongated shadow.

I am not worried about the one
Who is yet to come;
From sleep to sleep
As if I were a lost mountaineer
She would lead me
By holding my cold hands.

There will not be any platoon
Marching out of a tunnel
Just to meet me and scream out
The last salute for an alleged betrayal.

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