Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I am the God that You Seek

For the hopeless, abandoned

Rejected and refused

I built a home called earth

And made them kings and queens

Rejoiced they in their new status

Happily drank from the sources of joy

Celebrating the bliss of life, fame and name

They acted according to nature pure and rare

Then came the War Lords from another planet

To capture the land that I founded anew

Without fight I left it then and there

With my creations to decide on their own

They rebuked me in streets and temples

Vandalized my idols erected by the happy people

They brought in machines and clones

Who acted upon orders of greed and avarice

They cleaned up the temples and scriptures

And set up false idols as wares of worship

It took them eons to become me

Still they don’t understand the essence in me

I don’t belong to temples and

I don’t reside in scriptures

I don’t obey the rules made by mortals

I don’t fight a war waged by fools

I create worlds at my will and

Abandon them and burn them to be free

Chains don’t bind me and jails don’t hold

Rains and floods don’t deter my path

Snakes and ghosts don’t smite me

I live in you and you in me

As I am the eternal one, limitless and immutable

My name is God and I don’t burn in Fire or ire.

Come to me as all paths come unto me

Even if you decide not to come

There is no escape.

I am not an angry God but a benevolent one

You took ages to become me

But still have not realized me

It would take another cycle of birth

A chain of lowly incarnations for you

For realizing the abundance of me

And the core of my existence

You sell yourself in bits and pieces

While a whole world has gained me

As a whole that they cherish and in they flourish

Oh, the blind and the foolish

Burn yourself in knowledge

Burn your ego and home

Come out, I am here

Standing in the middle of the street

Naked and pure, singing the songs of joy

I will open your eyes and impart

You the knowledge of your existence

With my limitless manifestations

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