Friday, September 27, 2013

A Caged Animal

Brick by brick they build egos
With iron and mortar to go along
What beautiful facades they make
With glasses, tiles, mosaics and paint
Piety cries before a closed door
That has turned into a deaf ear
Humanity chased away from streets
For the cars of desires to ply
I am a captive inside a glass room
A simple stone would release me
But I am safe inside here with
Valves of sounds thoroughly cut.
I had a full sky a few months ago
To let my mind to wander
To see flitting pairs of parrots
Blue cats, green dogs, yellow fairies
Who play with imps and mermaids.
Slowly, the square has become a
Crumpled piece of painful disappearance
The magic show of clouds still happens
But I am pushed out of the tent
Before too long, I am sure
This last bit sky would also go
Yet, I do not fear, for I have
A sky, an ocean, a forest and a path
Inside me; a mountain and inn too.
I am a caged animal
Who has the memory of forest still afresh.

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