Monday, September 30, 2013

Unwritten Obituary

Who would write my obituary,
One, many or none?
What could be the first sentence
And what could be the last?
My mother will write one
With her sighs
My wife will write one
With her sleepless nights
My children will recapture me
In their memories, green and hurting
Friends will not miss me
For I have always been missing for them
Someone will die somewhere
Just to know what my death is like
Enemies will find it difficult to choose
The right word and right smile
To celebrate the one cherished departure.
To those who want to write my obit
I have an advice to give
Do not copy-edit your pieces
For I never cared to copy edit mine.
Life for me is a collection of short sentences
Written and read in the right spirit
Because none corrects a twisted petal
A raging wind, a broken wave
And a scary dream,
I don’t want my obit to be corrected.
Even you could write one in water
If you do not find marble or bronze.

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