Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Things that Make Me Smile

1.       The urge to look at any glass surface to see one’s own reflection. Most of the people who do window shopping in fact see their own reflection than seeing the wares on display.
2.       People getting out of their cars with so much of self importance.
3.       General behaviour of people in airports.
4.       Men and women wearing ill-fitting clothes for the sake of being trendy.
5.       Women struggling with their stilettos and high heels.
6.       People discussing things animatedly in cafes and parties.
7.       Lovers fighting.
8.       Young married woman holding her husband’s hand to cross the road. I wonder how she used to cross the road till yesterday.
9.       Girls trying to impress boys with their cool talks.
10.   Boys trying to impress girls with their macho acts.
11.   People eating and talking about the taste of what they eat.
12.   Artists pretending that they are unaware of what is happening around them, especially in the market.
13.   Artists saying that they have not seen their pictures that have appeared on that day’s page 3.
14.   Artists saying that they are yet to read the article in which they are mentioned.
15.   Some gallerists pretending to be intellectuals.
16.   Some artists doing obscure works.
17.   Logic of performance art in India.
18.   Reading jargon infested catalogue essays or essays.
19.   Seminars.
20.   Indian sounding names exclusively selected for residency programs, workshops and alternative practices. Rest of the proceedings will be done in English except the name.
21.   Front row people amongst the audience in seminars laughing and nodding their heads to impress the speaker.
22.   Disappearing of art history graduates from the art scene. Where do they go?
23.   Artists claiming that they represent India in foreign workshop or seminar.
24.   The last line of young artists’ bio-data, ‘works are in national and international collections’.

25.   The superstition that JNU Arts and Aesthetics Department students and teachers are better than the students and teachers in other colleges and universities. 

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