Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kill Me too for Eating Beef

(picture of Mohammed Akhlaq who is lynched by a mob in Dadri UP for eating beef)

Gautam Buddh Nagar in UP. People knew it as NOIDA-New Okhla Industrial Area. Someone had told me that the ‘neighbor’s envy, owners pride’ ONIDA Television came from this industrial area. The brand name was created by just bringing that ‘O’ to the front. Was it a lack of imagination? We were not thinking of LG, Samsung or Sony in those days. The names of the television sets sounded exactly like any other products that came out from government offices: Keltron, Uptron, Optonica, Dynora, BPL and so on. Those were pre-globalization days when epics defined Sundays and Shammi Kapoor defied Wednesdays. Tu se accha kaun hai? Who is better than you? Doordarshan was just a teaser for the bigger assaults to come soon. Brands changed, names changed, India politics changed and with that NOIDA also got a prominent name, Gautam Buddh Nagar. In the success of caste politics in the post-Babri and Post-Mandal days in north India, Kanshi Ram-Mayavati duo could change this district into a district of statues including their own. The crime belt of Indian capital, Gautam Buddh Nagar evokes the names of Arushi, the mysteriously dead girl and Kohli, the man eater of Nitari.

In Gautam Buddh Nagar district in a place called Dardi, a fifty year old person, Mohammed Akhlaq was lynched today by an angry mob. His son was also brutally attacked. His daughter was attacked sexually by the mob. The crime that this unsuspecting Muslim family committed was that they ate meat. In fact, reports say, they ate mutton. But somebody had spread the rumor that they were eating beef in their home. Excuse me, if they were eating beef what was the problem? They were living in Uttar Pradesh; not in Rajasthan or Gujarat or Maharashtra or Haryana where beef is officially banned. What a pity. People like us have to write about this ban with that stabbing feeling inside. Who are responsible for this beef ban? The right wing Hindu fundamentalists? Okay, if so then what is Mr.Akhilesh Yadav doing as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. We need to check whether he too has grown a sacred thread out of his skin. When the right wing mobs decimated the villages in Muzzafarpur, this young Yadav was not doing much. He was in a rave party with film stars somewhere near.

 (scenes from the dead man's house)

The daughter of the deceased asks the public if the meat stock they had in their home is tested for beef and if it is turned out to be mutton, could they bring her dead father and rescue her brother and save her from the shame and loss that she has just undergone. Impossible. None can bring these things back to them. The mob has dispersed and has split into hundreds of god fearing individuals who think that the gods do not eat beef nor do they drink. These god-fearing Hindus would go back to their homes for their dal-roti, to their skinny women and starving children. Without a pinch of remorse they will bite into the onion and eat the dry roti, looking at the rickety television sets that show some cheap Bhojpuri movies. That’s the life of a Hindu vegetarian, who kills for Rama and other gods. That is the story of a Hindu believer who kills a Muslim for eating meat inside his home. These skinny, illiterate, ugly sons of devils are misled to the path of Hindutva by the conniving leaders who wine and dine with Muslims and all other religions that eat Beef, Pork, Dogs and anything that moves, for power, money and influence. Kill, kill, die, die you, the mob, comprised of ugly, stinking, illiterate Hindutva cannon fodders. You too will be killed by the same hands that have put weapons into your hands. Wait and see.

Once again I tell the world that I eat beef and I eat beef with a lot of pride. My doctor has advised me not to eat red meat. But I even defy the doctor’s advice to defy this right wing government and this right wing Hindutva mob. I do not give you any value and I will not give you any value however you try to impress the world with your ability to rope in business for India or your interest in technology and your penchant for selfies and good clothes. You are not taking this country to anywhere. Germans do not want to talk about their Fuhrer today. You ask any German; they will avoid the topic. One day, one day in future, the generations that would come to this earth, in this country, would avoid telling your name, while the world will teach its children about you as an example of wrong governance and wrong thinking. They will shame you in text books and your hair style and facial hairs will be lampooned in thousand different ways in the world. Your autobiography will be hawked in the pavements for half the price. That is the fate that is awaiting you. You want to kill us for eating beef? Kill us for breathing and moving and thinking. I am a Hindu and I am a Muslim too. I am a Muslim and I am a Christian too. If I am forced to live in a country that taught me from the very beginning that I should be proud of it, where I am deprived of my basic right to eat what I want, it is better to call myself a refugee in my own country and it is better to migrate to somewhere else and live there as a third class citizen. If you kill a Muslim in the name of anything in this country called India, for each killed Muslim, make sure that one Hindu like me is lost to your Hindu religion. Kill, Kill, Kill.

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