Monday, November 7, 2011

Spermsformation in Art Scene

I love this concept of ‘butterfly effect’; you make a small gesture somewhere and its results are reflected somewhere else.

Paulo Coelho, in his novel, ‘Eleven Minutes’ portrays the grief of Maria, the protagonist. She sits on the bank of a river and throws a pebble at the water. After some time, a duck that was floating on the other side of the river just moved as the ripples created by the pebble thrown by Maria touched it.

Buddhism also speaks of the same. Your gestures transform something somewhere depending on the quality of your gesture.

Try to abuse a rash driver from your wheel while the windows are closed. The abuse comes back to you because it does not have a space to go. Your words come back to you as ‘vulture’s effect’.

Butterfly effect could be drastic too. Many a war had started with reasons not related to politics or diplomacy. Flimsy reasons could trigger a war. A bad stomach of a monarch could end up in invading a neighbouring country.

Monopolies in any field could facilitate bad butterfly effects. Let me explain it with a story.

Consider we have a small state/country. A lady cultural impresario handles all the cultural activities in that place. Without her knowledge none would sing in public, none would exhibit in state owned galleries. Nothing will happen without her permission.

Now I take you to a land that lies beyond seven seas. There near a beautiful sea, a young couple relaxes on their beach chairs. The young man is silent. The girl too is silent. In silence they sip their beer cans.

She gets up, goes to the sea and swims in the beautiful blue shallow water for some time and comes back. The man is still sulking.

Impatient and irritated, the girl finally blurts out at him. “Why the hell are you sitting like a sullen monkey? Can’t you talk?”

The man looks at the horizon line. It looks like there is something sour that has been brewing up between them for quite some time. He looks at her face with apprehension.

She gets up in huff and walks towards the hotel where they had checked in by Friday evening.

By the night, the beach transforms itself into a land of carnival. Differently clad people throng the beach and walk against the soothing breeze. It is a full moon day with a clear sky.

Our protagonists are at a restaurant table. Both of them look fresh after a day’s sun bath and swimming. They seem to have sorted out their issues, at least partially.

The dinner is gorgeous. The music is enthralling. The atmosphere throbs in romance.

Back in the room, they make love, intensely, as if it was their last day on the face of earth.

After three months, the telephone of our cultural impresario rings and she picks it up: “Mom ... I can’t handle it alone. You have to come,” the girl sobs at the other end.

“My sweetie...don’t worry... I am there in a week’s time.”

“Will you stay with me till my child is six month’s old?”

“Of course, beta...”

The Ministry of Culture in that place gets into action. Our madam’s trip is planned as a year long research trip.

Till then....nothing will happen in the cultural front back home. That’s an order. The government facilities should not be opened to the artists till she comes back.

I call this phenomenon ‘Spermsformation’. A sperm could stop all cultural activities being presented in a state/country.

Monopolies work on butterfly effects.

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