Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Photo Feature on KSR's Opening at Kanakakkunnu Palace, Trivandrum

(Kanakakkunnu Palace, Trivandrum where KSR's exhibition is held)

(The Reception Room at Kanakakkunnu Palace)

(Display of KSR's works)

(The Ramp installation view)

(The Durbar Hall at Kanakkkunnu Palace, Trivandrum)

(JOhnyML presenting KSR for the Trivandrum audience)

(JohnyML presenting KSR through an audio visual presentation)

(Friends and art lovers)

(Adoor and Minister MA Baby lighting the lamp)

(Minister for Education and Culture, MA Baby giving the inaugural speech)

(Adoor Gopalakrishnan releasing the book by giving a copy to R.Sivakumar. MA Baby and KSR look on)

(Adoor Gopalakrishnan speaking after releasing the book)

(Brothers in Arms- R.Sivakumar and KSR)

(Tourism dept Director, Dr.V.Venu congratulating KSR)

(Artist and bureaucrat Lizzy Jacob giving the felicitation speech)

(Art Historian R.Sivakumar giving the felicitation speech)

(Minister MA Baby, film maker Adoor Gopalakrishnan,JohnyML and R.Sivakumar)

(KSR speaking to a few television channels)

(KSR with artist G.Rajendran)

(KSR with Tanya Abraham)

(KSR with Tourism Dept Director Dr.V.Venu and Home Secretary, K.Jayakumar)

(KSR with friends)

(Babu Xavier, Tensing Joseph, Home Secretary K.Jayakumar and K.C.Chitrabhanu)

(KSR with former Chief Secretary, Kerala, Lizzy Jacob)

(KSR receiving MA Baby)

(MA Baby at the reception desk with Soumya Chakravorty and KSR)

(Adoor Gopalakrishnan and MA Baby with KSR)

(Minister MA Baby, Film maker Adoor Gopalakrishnan appreciating Terra Fly with KSR and Mimi Radhakrishnan)

(Education and culture Minster of Kerala, MA Baby and noted Film maker Adoor Gopalakrishnan with KSR)

(KSR, JohnyML, Tara and Mini Mathew)

(Refreshments at the Band Stand)

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