Saturday, January 22, 2011

About Marathons- A quote from Paul O'Neill

(Hans Ulrich Obrist)

(Anil Ambani at Marathon Running)

The notable increase in curatorial educational projects has also strangely articulated the moment of educative learning as an authored curated space of knowledge production. this is really problematic for me and an example is the 24 hours interview marathon project of the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist. Obrist is a curator I admire greatly, but how the project is mediated suggests a kind of spectacularisation of the discourse as a public medium and an ownership of the frames of discursive productioin which I dont agree with. That is enormously different from say Free Copenhagen University, Paraeducation, 16 Beaver, Unitednationsplaza, Manifest 6 exhibition as school, Proto academy and so forth, projects that all emerged out of the initiator's immediate context and functioned as saemi-contained counter -public spaces.
--Paul O'Neill, Bristol based Researcher and Curator. Source

From a dossier circulated at one of the FICA Reading Room Projects.

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