Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Curse Not

Curse not

For they will congregate

At the room corners

At the darkened spaces

Of mind, soul and body

And in the corners of dreams

Where light of sleep does not reach

They will grow like shadows

Or termites of ill will

They will weave webs

To trap the flying thoughts.

Curses fly like bats in the day

Hopelessly lost in light and heat

Like a scream let out in a glass cage

By freedom captivated before ages.

Curse not, because they come back

Like a ray of sun reflected by thousand mirrors

Or like love once lost and then patched up

With knots of unhappiness in each caressing.

No holy smoke could exorcise

Curses living in corners

Because we are the ones

Who fold ourselves to form corners

Curse not

Because winds, waters, flowers and fragrance

Do not curse

They just bloom like a day dream

Dreamt for no reason,

But leaves a smile on all lips.

Corners are reversed ends of existence

From where you expect the endless

Stream of life and creativity

Why dry a pool with a spell of curse

When you are the eternal source of joy and bliss?

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