Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fake Profiles

Now everyone could sleep

If not, talk sweet nothingness

If interested you could gossip

On the sex lives of your female colleagues

In titillating whispers.

Women could speak endlessly

Of their men’s escapades.

In summer, after lunch

Without moving an inch

From the air of air conditioners

And coolers, like rag dolls

You could push your

Government branded bottoms and legs

Under the tables where

Heaps of files decay slowly and steadily

In winters, out there in the lawns

You could eat salted fruits

Knit woollen gloves and socks

Speak so high of the diseases you have

And those are eagerly anticipated.

Play cards, spit expletives, chew tobacco

Smoke cigarettes, crack jokes, fart

Belch and go back to your seats.

‘We are in those good old days,’

You could exclaim each other

And go back to your free cells

And mine sweepers, till you drop dead.

You could forget all pains

No need to chat with faceless people

No need to cheat your partners

No politics, no opinion.

If you have anything good to say, say

About the cow protectors, anti-beef eaters

Soldiers at the borders and nationalism

Please, go ahead, we are all ears here.

Please clean up all your opinions

With ample sprinkling of Ganga water.

No need to have an opinion on anything.

Be faithful to the ones who give you

Your subsistence, or get ready to bite bullets.

Why do you still carry those smart phones?

When you do not have any opinion,

Nothing to say, nothing to share

Nothing to like or nothing to emote

Why should you have a smart phone?

Please give it here in this counter

We could supply you those clever phones

That could make calls and take calls.

After some months

One fake id asked the other fake id:

“Did your boss sanction the arrears?”

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