Monday, September 5, 2016

A Wild Wish

If I die
Bury me or burn me at the nearest
Cremation ground abandoned
Let there be no epitaphs
Condolence meetings
And obits by the undeserving
For I have been a soul
Unbridled by the pettiness
That marks the contours
Of average human behaviour.

I feasted on history
And the fuel that it imparted
Fired me to go miles
In the paths of righteousness
And mostly was all alone.
I broke my fasting
Each dawn on truths
Drinking its sourness
In the cups of Socretean
I lunched on pity
That the loving craftsmen
Placed before me
In the platters of love,
I supped in the taverns
Of loneliness where
Similar souls sat
In corners dark
Contemplating on life
Before marking them
In their weary diaries.

I slept on cold benches
Of experiences
All alone with aching joints
But thinking of all those
Who had fared so in jails
My aches lessen like
Wild fire, slowly but steadily.

I dreamt the dreams
Where everyone in the world
Sang, danced, painted, sculpted
Wrote their live in all sincerity
And gifted each other
To be displayed in their hearths and hearts.

The day will come
When my dreams
All would live their lives
In reality; here and now.
In those days my posterity
Will see both states and religions
Wither away slowly
Leaving ugly stains on the pavements
Like on a rainy day
But all those will also fade away
Leaving the world green and blue
With all the colours of rainbows.

Hence when I die
Bury me in the nearest
Cremation ground or burn me
Leaving no trace
For the youngsters to wonder
Why such people lived
Who kept worrying about
The growing discontent
Of the world due to religions
And power.

In a world where
They find no stain of religion
That marks and brands people
Even my memories could be
An anachronism.
Let me be the last one to breath
The stale air of religion
And bruised by the barbed wires
Of boundaries abundant.

My grave should be obscure
Like any other hapless mounds
On the last souls’ fields.
A future should flourish
Where none hates none

For the reason of religion and power. 

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