Monday, May 11, 2009


When you are open
To an invisible world
With stamp size photographs
For friends and trickles of
Daily triumphs for philosophy
You imagine that all those
Messages are for you.
You are Picasso for a day
And an Aries forever;
Calculated madness, flowery traps;
From one picture to the other
You hop like a hopeless bee.
Eternal wait to comment
And to be commented upon.
A street square, that it is-
Paste, spray, spit, vomit
Caress, gaze, urinate, shit,
Tease, rape, murder, lick,
Sing, beg, coax, kidnap and
Carnival it is in its best
Desire shop in its worst.
Choose, bargain and comeback,
It won’t wait for you there.
Give it a search to capture
The cross-section of wailing hearts
Through your fading lenses-
Will not be same for the same price.
People travel and they move on
What remains is a stamp size picture
And the messages, which you think
Are for you and you only.

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alia said...


teasingly meaningful.