Saturday, March 12, 2016

This Shell of Mine so Warm

This shell of mine so warm

Comforting as nothing else

I sit through out crouching

Over the annals of dreams

And pains that many had

Been through, many years

Perhaps eons; blood and sweat

Poured into the mold of will

Out they come one by one

The eternals and the humbles

Sing alike and sigh alike like

Mothers who have sons

Who gone out to become

The warriors of light; letters

This shell of mine is so warm

And comfortable as nothing would

Out there worldly men seethe

Bees on rotten fruits fly thick

Both mindless, oblivious of

The unborn ones in wombs

They fight the fights of stupidity

Argue, shout, scream and yet

No hope, each step an expletive

They win the cup of a race

Loose many that they never size

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