Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Few Good Things about Marriage and Divorce

Behind every successful man… there is a disturbance.

And behind every disturbance…there is a woman.

Hold on. Before you judge me, let me complete my statement.

Behind every successful woman…there is a huge disturbance.

And behind every huge disturbance…there is a man.

I am not here to cook up aphorisms for the future use. Still I can’t help doing it.

Marriage is a mixture of guns and roses, wrapped well and passed off for a gift.

Divorce is the same gift packet, opened up rashly for public scrutiny.

People divorce and get on with their sad or happy lives depending on their future choices.

Celebrities divorce and journalists make scandal out of it.

Divorce is a solution when problem is diagnosed, analyzed and treated.

Divorce is a problem when solution is sought in improbable demands.

Marital disharmony is a way to strengthen the bonding between spouses.

But when disharmony persists, all those bonds weaken and fall apart.

When you sign a marriage deed, you also sign an invisible divorce deed.

Why most of the people don’t look at this invisible deed because people are trained to eat bitter pills in silence from the very beginning.

Economics helps marriage function.

When marriage fails to function, economics becomes the biggest hurdle.

Love marriages fail when love between the partners become a bad habit.

Love marriages fail when the partners realize that there are better people in the world.

Love marriages fail when one of the partners become Holier than the other.

And also the less holier fails to prove, thanks to too much of evidence against him/her, his holiness.

Arranged marriages fail because anything arranged is temporal.

But arranged marriages often don’t fail because the society makes the partners a bit more responsible than they actually are.

In the case of love marriages, the partners become proverbial blinds. They lead each other into disaster.

Divorce is postponed when the spouses have two bedrooms to spare.

Or one of them becomes less egoistic and agrees to use the drawing room sofa for nights.

Divorce is postponed, when property division takes too much of time.

Amicable settlement is a euphemism for division of spoil (mostly by one of the parties).

Amicable settlement is when both the spouses have someone ready out there to go with.

Divorce is postponed (again) when both the parties agrees to visit home in shifts.

Blood pressure is directly proportionate to marital harmony and disharmony.

Chat rooms are the new counsel centers. Mostly, the counselor will end up in starting an affair with the affected.

Marital discords reflect in workplace. It does not reduce the work results. But it increases the time spent on internet.

Marital discord decreases the speed of jogging. But it increases the speed of flirting.

People review their marriages when their children are grown up.

People review their marriages when they reach somewhere near forty.

Once the review is done, suddenly they find their partners quite boring.

People ready with advices for troubled couples, in fact are troubled people.

Their advice comes from experience.

To keep familial harmony in tune, the bloggers often tell their partners that they have blogged something of this effect, before their friends send a text message to them regarding the blog.

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