Monday, April 4, 2016

New Fat Jogger

On the final round of my daily jog

He stops me, curiosity in his eyes

“You look old but not that too old

Yet you look fit with a good gait,”

Says he with some smile and hope

“Not so fit, yet I try to do my bit

To keep things in one place,” say I

He moves his huge frame to side

Makes way for me to pass ahead

“Would you help me to run a round?”

Asks he again, forcing me to doubt

His intentions, yet I give him my ears

“Want to shed it,” says he showing

Me his growing paunch all around

“Like you,” he pants, I cover shyness

“Breath slow but steady, I tell him

Shut up your mouth and run on”

He now hangs all hopes in his pursed lips

And throws his extra weight all around

Each time he pushes himself up to me

He looks at me like a child seeking approval

My aching legs plough the track heavy

Already I know this cannot be too long

But I run all the way keeping pain aside

For at least he could feel better tonight. 

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